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USA Judo Olympic Medalists

Kayla Harrison 

Only 2-time Olympic Gold Medalist

2012 & 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist at (78kg)

2010 World Judo Championships Gold Medalist

2008 World Junior Judo Championships Gold Medalist

8-time US National Championships Gold Medalist

6-time US Junior National Championships Gold Medalist

8-0 MMA record including six wins by TKO or submission

Travis Stevens 

 2016 Olympic Silver Medalist (-81kg)

3-time Pan American Gold Medalist

2014 Grand Prix Dusseldorf Gold Medalists

3-time US Senior Nationals Championship Gold Medalist

2-time US Junior National Championships Gold Medalist

Jason Morris 

 1992 Olympic Silver Medalist


Robert Berland 

 1984 Olympic Silver Medalist


Marti Malloy

2012  Olympic Bronze Medalist


Mike Swain

 1988 Olympic Bronze Medalist

1987 World Judo Champion


Allen Coage

 1976 Olympic Bronze Medalist


Kevin Asano 

 1988 Olympic Silver Medalist


Jimmy Pedro, Jr

 1996 & 2004  Olympic Bronze Medalist

-71kg & -73kg

1999 World Champion

2012 &2016 US Olympic Judo Head Coach

Margaret Castro 

 2016 Olympic Bronze Medalist


Lynn Roethke

 2016 Olympic Silver Medalist


Ronda Rousey 

 2008 Olympic Bronze Medalist


Eddie Liddie

 1984 Olympic Bronze Medalist


James Bergman

 1964 Olympic Bronze Medalist

Middle weight category

Member of first US Olympic Team

US Olympic Judo Coaches
uchida 2.jpg

Yosh Uchida 1964

US Olympic Head Coach

Paul Maruyama_84.jpg

Paul Maruyama

1980 & 1984 US Olympic Head Coach

Jim Hrbek 92.jpg

Jim Hrbek

1992 US Women's Olympic Head Coach

Yonezuka1 001.jpg

Yoshisada Yonezuka

1998 & 1992 US Olympic Men's Head Coach

Pat Burris.jpg

Pat Burris

1996 US Olympic Men's Head Coach

1976 olympic judo team 2.jpg

Dr. Sachio Ashida,

1976 US Olympic Head Coach

Rusty Kanokogi_88.jpg

Rusty Kanokogi

1988 US Women's Olympic Head Coach


Corinne Shigemoto

1996 US Women's Olympic Head Coach

kayla harrison jimmy pedro (1).jpg

Jimmy Pedro

2012 & 2016 US Olympic Head Coach

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