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Central Florida's International Judo & Martial Arts Club

Vince Lombardi

Updated Covid Training Procedure  

    (Updated 4/1/2021)


At this time Metro Orlando Judo Kai is currently holding Judo classes 2 day per week, on Saturday from 12:00PM -1:30PM, and Tuesday evenings from 8:00PM-9:15PM. Due to concerns about Covid-19 and Public Health we are limiting the number of new students that we will accept. Anyone interested in trying one of our Judo classes must make an appointment with Sensei Clark at least 48 hours in advance of the class you want to attend. When you contact us for an appointment you will be informed of our Covid training policies, which you will need to comply with in order to attend a class. This also applies for any existing Judoka visiting from another club, or from out of must contact Sensei Clark and get approval to join or visit our class. No "Walk-ins" at this time! We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we feel it is necessary for the protection of our students, staff, and for our community. Thank you for your understanding!!!



Florida's COVID-19 Data and Surveillance Dashboard

Who is Metro Orlando Judo Kai

Metro Orlando Judo Kai, Inc. (MOJ) is a Sports, Educational, & Cultural Club, and an association of local Judo clubs in Central Florida dedicated to the promotion and practice of Judo. Metro Orlando Judo Kai teaches Olympic Sport & Traditional Kodokan Judo, Self-Defense & Japanese Ju Jutsu, and a Judo based fitness program. Metro Orlando Judo Kai students have competed at the local, state, national, and even International level. Our instructors are experienced & certified coaches, and we frequently host world class visiting instructors from Japan, Korea, and Europe. Whether you are looking for a competitive combat sport outlet or a way to get into better physical shape, or whether you are looking for an effective and time-proven form of Self-Defense, Metro Orlando Judo Kai can meet your needs. Come join us and be part of TEAM MOJ!

*For general information on Covid-19 you can visit the Center for Disease Control, and the Florida Department of Health Orange County Websites by clicking on their respective logos below. We strongly urge everyone to wear masks, wash your hands regularly, and observer social distancing guidelines. Again, We will continue to post updates on social media and this website.  

What is Judo?

KODOKAN JUDO is an Olympic Sport, Martial Art, and a method of physical education and mental conditioning...and is the most popular Martial Art practiced in the world. Watch the great videos below to give you a more detailed idea of Judo, and read more about Judo on our "About Judo" page.

MOJ is now offering Judo Classes at our
New Location in East Downtown Orlando!


Pay Month by Month 


$75/month for 2 days/week

Or $40 for 1 day/week


Pay 3 months in advance and 

Only pay $65/month!!

NO Contracts!

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New location Address
Orlando Academy of Martial Arts Renzo Gracie Jiu Jitsu located at
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3837 E Colonial Dr,
Orlando, FL 32803
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Adults Judo Class 
Saturday 12PM - 1:30PM
Tues 8:00PM-9:15PM
13 yrs & Up
Kids Judo  Temporarily Suspended: TBA
Private Lessons and Seminars available upon request

Metro Orlando Judo Kai (MOJ) is a chartered Judo club with USA Judo. USA Judo is the official national governing body (NGB) for Judo in the US. It is also a member of the US Olympic Committee. Our head coach has the highest level of coaching certification from USA Judo. We are also in support of the Kodokan, the International Judo Federation, the United States Judo Federation, the United States Judo Association, the US Olympic Committee/Team USA, Tokai University Judo, and Florida Judo, Inc.

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Take a look at Metro Orlando Judo Kai in Action!
    MOJ Adult Competitors in Action
MOJ Classes
MOJ Judo Demonstration at the 2019 Orlando Japan Festival 11/17/2019
Learn More About Judo by Visiting our "About Judo" Page

 Quick Judo Facts


Judo is the most widely practiced martial art on earth, and is second only to soccer as the most practiced sport


Judo is one of the safest sports for children under 13 (American College of Sports Medicine)


Judo can be practiced by anyone, and at any age.

Some of the top MMA fighters today are former Judo competitors ( Ronda Rousey).


Judo teaches children self-discipline, respect, and helps to develop good coordination and balance.


Judo is a regulated sport, with local, state, national, and international competition

MOJ Club News & Announcements


Congratulations to Dylan Peterson on taking a Bronze Medal at the 2019 US Open in the IJF 66 kg Category!


MOJ attends 2019 Tokai University's Japan Study Abroad Program 5/24 - 6/12

Metro Orlando Judo & Gator Judo teamed up to attend the 2019 Study Abroad Japan program sponsored by Tokai University. Sensei Doug Clark, who organized the trip, and Daniel Diaz of Gator Judo participated in the program. The program included daily practice at Tokai's Matsumae Judo Juku, practice Sessions at Tokai University Takanawadai High School Judo Club, Tokai University Gyosei High School in Osaka, and Tokai University Seisho High School in Kumamoto, lectures on the history and philosophy of Judo and the Tokai Educational System, visits to the Kodokan and other historic Judo sites, and a tour of major attractions in Tokyo and surrounding areas. The Tokai University Instructors and students were incredible, both in Judo technique and in Judo spirit. You couldn't ask for a better experience...It was an awesome trip!!!  Sensei Clark will be organizing a group for next year's program starting in January 2020, so please contact him for more information.

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