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About Judo

 Quick Facts About Judo 


  • Judo is the most widely practiced martial art on earth, and is second only to soccer as the most practiced sport


  • Judo is one of the safest sports for children under 13 (American College of Sports Medicine)


  • Judo can be practiced by anyone, and at any age.

  • Some of the top MMA fighters today are former Judo competitors ( Ronda Rousey).


  • Judo teaches children self-discipline, respect, and helps to develop good coordination and balance.


  • Judo is a regulated sport, with local, state, national, and international competition


KODOKAN JUDO is an Olympic Sport, Martial Art, and a method of physical education and mental conditioning.  JUDO was derived from Japanese Ju Jutsu in 1882 by Professor Jigoro Kano. Judo means the way of suppleness or gentleness. Judo utilizes the opponent's strength, making it perfect for self defense. Two basic principles of Judo are Seiryoku Zenyo (whatever you do use your mental and physical energy in the most efficient way possible), and Jita Kyoei (Mutual Benefit and Welfare). It is also a form of physical education, and is taught in the Japanese schools as a PE class, as well as having competitive sports teams. Judo incorporates throwing, grappling, and striking techniques. It was the first Martial Art to be recognized as a sport by the International Olympic Committee, and has been an official Olympic event since 1964. JUDO has been used as the basis of most of the world’s armed forces and police self-defense training. It was in fact a Japanese Judo & Ju Jutsu teacher, Maeda, who taught the Gracie family in Brazil the techniques they now call Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Though Self-defense and sport are important in Judo training, the primary purpose of Judo is to perfect one’s mind, body, and spirit. All ages can practice and enjoy Judo. Today Judo is also practice by physically disabled individuals, and in fact there are many countries who actively support Judo Para Olympics programs.                                             

Learn about the History, Philosophy, and Sport of Judo from the Videos Below 

Spirit of the Samurai Judo Episodes

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