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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you offer free trial classes?

A: No, we don't offer free trial classes. Because we don't use long-term contracts, you are free to discontinue training at any time. So there is no financial penalty for you should you not want to continue training with us...hopefully though you will want to continue training with us! Trial classes tend to be staged, and often don't represent what is actually done in normal training. For this reason, we do allow perspective students to come and observe one of our classes. And at that time you can ask the instructor any questions you might have before or after class...and during breaks. In addition, we believe that you should use our website as a guide to learn about Judo and about Metro Orlando Judo Kai( See our videos, About Judo page, About US page, Student page). And of course you can email or call us at any time with a question. Using this method should be more than enough to help you decide whether or not you would like to enroll in our Judo program.

Q: What if I have a medical issue or health problem, can I still enroll in your Judo class?

A:  We strongly encourage any perspective student who has a serious medical condition, or a physical limitation, to contact your physician and ask whether or not they feel Judo is appropriate and safe for you. We are not physicians, so medical matters should be handled by medical professionals. Please always consult a physician!

Q: What do I need to do to enroll in class and start training?


1) you will need to discuss joining with the class instructor and get his approval to join

2) you will need to read and sign a liability waiver, and then read and sign a copy of the class rules, policies, and procedures, acknowledging that you understand and will abide by those rules and policies during training and on the club premises

3) you will need to pay for your first month ($75/month, credit card and cash payments only)

4) you will need to purchase a 1 year membership in one of the national Judo Federations ( USA Judo is $100/year, and USJF is $70/year). The instructor will help you with this

5) you will need to purchase a Judo Gi ( uniform). It must be a Judo gi ( not a Karate gi, bjj gi, or anything else), and it can be either white or blue...single weave is best for Florida. Again, the instructor can help you with obtaining a gi ( usually the price will be around $70, without shipping costs). 

Q: When can I get a black belt?

A: That depends on you! Promotion in Judo is based on time in grade, demonstration of understanding of techniques, in some cases competition record, & character and attitude in class, and contributions to the class. While a black belt is a worthy goal, the real benefit of Judo training goes far beyond just getting a black belt. Learn to focus on, and enjoy, training, and the rest will take care of itself!

Q: Do I have to participate in Judo tournaments and competitions?

A: No, competition is not a requirement. Advancement in rank usually occurs faster for students who actively compete, but non competitors can still advance and get promoted in Judo. Judo is more than a sport ( physical education, personal enrichment, self defense, etc), so if the sport aspect of Judo doesn't interest you, don't worry, you have a place with us. But if you do like to compete and enjoy the competition aspect of Judo, you will find that our students have competed at the local, state, national, and even international level. We host, and we attend, competition training camps. If you are a competitor, we have a space for you!

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