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Diagram of a traditional Judo Dojo with Japanese names for the various walls and positions

MOJ Name Plates for Instructors and Students 
[ In Japanese it's called Nafudakake 名札掛け]
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Student Guide to MOJ Ranks
and Requirements for Rank

       (Under Construction...Please be Patient)

Adult Judo Ranks Used by Metro Orlando Judo Kai

 White Belt

8th - 7th Kyu

Yellow Belt

 6th Kyu (Rokkyu)


Brow Belt (3 levels)

Sankyu (3rd), Nikkyu (2nd), &

Ikkyu (1st)

Black Belt 

From 1st Dan - 10th Dan

Green Belt

 4th Kyu (Yonkyu)

Orange Belt

 5th Kyu (Gokyu)

Red & White Belt

6th-8th dan may wear this belt or Black Belt

Red Belt

9th-10th dan may wear this belt or Black Belt

10th dans.jpg

Kodokan 10th Dans, from left to right: Ichiro Abe, Yoshimi Osawa, & Toshiro Daigo (Source: Kodokan Website

* Unfortunately as of 2022 all are deceased

Ranks are broken into 2 groups

Mudansha - Ranks Below Black Belt   (Called Kyu Ranks)

 Yudansha: Black Belt Ranks (Called Dan Ranks)

There are 10 levels of Black Belt

Shodan (1st Dan)                                                         Rokudan (6th Dan)

Nidan (2nd Dan)                                                          Shichidan (7th Dan)

Sandan (3rd Dan)                                                      Hachidan (8th Dan)

Yondan (4th Dan)                                                       Kudan (9th Dan)

Godan (5th Dan)                                                         Judan (10th Dan)

List of Judo Techniques
Adult Student Guide to Rank Requirement thru Green Belt
* Promotion to the next rank is not a student's Right! It is always up to the discretion of the Instructor or promotion committee as to whether a student shall be promoted to the next rank !

White Belt- Required  Knowledge for 0-6 Weeks Practice  

(Click on the name of the Throw or Groundwork technique in the tables and you will see a video of the technique...More videos coming!)

How to wear a Judo Gi (Uniform)
How to Bow Properly/Body Postures
More Ukemi Instruction
 Yellow Belt- Required Knowledge for 7-12 Weeks (Yellow Belt)  Skill test required for Rank!

Basic Knowledge

Name Penalties given in Judo competition

Ai Yotsu & Kenka Yotsu

What is Kata?

Name 2 illegal grips in competition

Basic Skills

Advanced Tai Sabaki for Self Defense


Cat Flip

Switching back and forth between Shizen Hontai and Jigo Tai

Mae Mawari Ukemi to Standing

Green Belt- Required Knowledge, Time in Grade, & Points Required 
Competitors: 7-12 Weeks since last promotion and must acquire 6 points from either competition, clinics, or combination of both.
Non-Competitor: 6 months since last promotion; must pass demonstration of techniques test; must attend at least 1 clinic or training camp.

Basic Knowledge

Understand basic Contest Rules

Name Illegal techniques in competition Judo

Know First Set of Nage no Kata (Te Waza)

What is the IJF, USA Judo, and what are their roles in Judo

Basic Skills

Advanced Tai Sabaki for Self Defense 2

Ne Waza Tai Sabaki

Performing Ukemi from any direction and height

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