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Doug MJJ.png

  Doug Clark 5th Dan

     Head Instructor /Founder of MOJ

Over 30 Years Experience in Judo

 USA Judo Certified Coach ( International Level)

Candidate for IJF Level 1 Instructor

Former Stetson Univ. Judo Team Captain

Former Asst Judo Coach at Stetson University & University of Central Florida Judo Clubs

Former US Nationals Senior & Masters


Multi-time Sunshine State Game Seniors & Masters medalist

Trained Judo in Japan & Europe

Holds Black Belts in Karate, Aiki Ju Jutsu, Ju Jitsu, & Aikido

Mateo Gonzalez 3rd Dan

Associate Instructor

Head Coach Old School Martial Arts Dojo

Trained with National Team in Spain

Bodyguard in Spanish Army

JuJutsu Black Belt

Florida Sunshine State Games Gold Medalist

Ed Rodriquez 4th Dan

Advisor/Professor Emeritus

USA Judo Certified Coach (International Level)

USJA Certified Coach

USJA Board of Directors

Former Pan AM Masters champion

Multiple time International & National Masters Medalist 

Active International Veterans Competitor

             Betty Stamm 6th Dan         

Senior Instructor & Technical Advisor

1992 US Women's Olympic Team Manager

Former Elite US Women's national competitor

Member of first US Women's International Team

British Open Bronze Medalist

Trained throughout Europe & Japan

Started the first Judo Club at the University of Central Florida.

Former Secretary of Florida Judo

Former National Level Referee

Kyong won Jung 3rd Dan


Former Elite Korean National Judo Competitor

Member of the prestigious Yong-In University Judo Team

Competed throughout Asia

Trained & Competed in Japan

Chris Weerts

US Open Masters Gold Medalist

Pan Am Masters Gold Medalist

Sunshine State Games Gold Medalist

Sameh Zineldin 

Former Egyptian National Champion

Former Egyptian National Team Captain

1991 World Judo Championship Competitor

Taught in the UK for 10 years

Trained extensively in Japan

Mr. Bob Sarullo 3rd Dan

Founding member of MOJ

Began Judo in Marines in 1957                

Bronze Medal 1989 US Senior Nationals Masters Division

President Stellar Aviation

Dr. Andre Merrill 3rd Dan

Technical Advisor

Student of US Olympic Coach Dr. Sachio Ashida and Brazilian National Coach Georges Medhi

Training Partner for 1976 US Olympic Team

Former Nationally ranked Senior Compeititor

 Luis Guardia 9th Dan

     Senior Technical Consultant & Mentor (2013-2018)

(1931 -2018)

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 Visiting Instructors from Tokai University, Japan

Yasutaka Ohkawa 5th Dan    

Visiting Instructor from Tokai University

Head Judo Coach Tokai University Kyushu Campus

3-time US Open Gold Medalist

Visiting Instructor at Washington Judo Club

Featured in History Channel's "Human Weapon" Series

Naoya Haraguchi 4th Dan    

Visiting Instructor from Tokai University

Tokai University Judo graduate

2014 Florida State Judo Champion

2014 Florida Sunshine State Game Champion

2014 USA Sambo National Champion

2x Matsumura Championship Champion

2x Pacific International Bronze Medalist

2x Camp Kokushikai Instructor

Takahide Haraguchi 4th Dan

Visiting Instructor from Tokai University


Tokai University graduate

Matsumura Championship Gold Medalist

Visiting Instructor at Judo TSB Ravensburg Germany

Competed throught Europe

Clinician at Training Camp for Elite European Judo Competitors

Staff member of Matsumae Judo Juku in Japan

Kotaro Sasaki 3rd Dan

Visiting Instructor from Tokai University


Coordinating Coach for the National Team at the Polish Judo Association

Tokai University Judo graduate

Visiting Instructor UAE

Guest Instructor Camp Kokushikai

 Visiting Instructors from Europe

Marcin Irek 3rd Dan

Visiting Instructor from Poland

Former Polish Jr National Champion

Polish National Championship Silver Medalist

European Cup Bronze Medalist

Marciek Irek 3rd Dan

Visiting Instructor from Poland

Former Polish Jr National Champion

Polish National Championship Bronze medalist

National Cadets Silver Medalist

Lukasz Zatyka 3rd Dan

Visiting Instructor from Poland

Polish National Cadets Bronze Medalist

Head Instructor Klub Judo Lemur (Poland)

Bjorn de Reuter 3rd Dan

Visiting Instructor from Netherlands

Dutch University Judo Championships competitor

Senior National Championship competitor

MOJ Yudansha

(Black Belts)

Mark Vahle 

Over 20 years Judo experience

Mr. Chau Nguyen

                 30 years experience

Advisor and Sponsor to MOJ

Natalie Nehme (L)

Dawn Atanasio (R)

Walter black belt.jpg

Justo Torres, Jr.

Marisol Tobey


Allen Montijo

Alex Hererra 

Dr. Andre Dobradin

Dylan Peterson

2019 US Open Bronze Medalist

2019 Sunshine State Games Bronze Medalist

2019 Cherry Blossom Open Silver Medalist

2018 Sunshine State Games Gold Medalist

2018 Florida Open Silver Medalist

Walter Mangual