About MOJ


MOJ offers both recreational and competition oriented Judo programs, and we warmly welcome beginning students as well as advanced students. Our goal at MOJ is to provide an environment where individuals can improve their physical and mental health through the practice of Judo, to develop elite Judo athletes who will be able to successfully compete at any level of competition, and to teach a viable and proven method of self-defense to the Central Florida community. MOJ has an extremely experienced and international teaching and coaching staff. MOJ also has a unique relationship and active exchange program with Japan's famous Tokai University Judo Club, and we often host visiting instructors from Japan, as well as send students to Japan for training. In addition to our to Japan, we also maintain strong ties with Judo clubs in Korea, Germany, England, Poland, France, Spain, & the Netherlands. In addition to our normal sport Judo classes we also offer special classes in Women's Self Defense & Fitness, and specialty classes in Submission Ju Jitsu. MOJ students compete, and medal, in Judo competitions at the local, regional, national, and even international Level. MOJ is very active in the Central Florida community and can often be seen giving demonstrations at various cultural events throughout the Metro Orlando area. 

Main Location in East Downtown Orlando in Fashion Village
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MOJ is now training in the Downtown Orlando area at Orlando Academy of Martial Arts Renzo Gracie Jiu Jitsu, at 3837 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32803. While our focus is on Judo, we are able to offer cross training opportunities in Self Defense and BJJ. We have excellent mats, excellent students, and ample parking. This downtown location is very convenient not only for residents of the downtown Orlando area, but also SODO area, OIA area, East Orlando, and Winter Park.

Affiliated Clubs

MOJ also has an affiliate club, Old School Martial Arts, in Auburndale, Florida, and we also have very close ties to the University of Florida's Gator Judo Club in Gainsville, Florida. MOJ, Old School Martial Arts, and Gator Judo work closely together to develop competitive athletes, and to promote Judo throughout Florida! If you are in Auburndale or Gainsville, please visit these great Judo clubs! Click on the logos to visit their websites.